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tv   DW News  LINKTV  September 25, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> "dw news" live from berlin. no nonsense in new york. angela merkel addresses the u.n. general assembly. german chancellor talks migration and climate change in her first visit in seven years. also coming up, can that man steer volkswagen through the storm? he takes the top job at the german car giant. he will have to clean up the mess left by the emissions scandal.
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swiss prosecutors have started criminal proceedings against the fifa president. he's being investigated for was appropriating songs -- funds from the world soccer governing body. i am sarah harman. welcome. nothing is impossible. everything can change. those are the words of german chancellor angela merkel as she addressed the united nations development summit in new york. she called for a global partnership to achieve the u.n. development goals newly adopted by world leaders. she also pledged to increase germany's development budget. >> an ambitious set of goals for the next 15 years. plans to end poverty and hunger, fight climate change, and improve health and education, just to name a few. german chancellor angela merkel promised to increase her country's budget for the human developing goals.
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she called for a global partnership. >> it is important the industrialized countries stick to the pledge they made. germany is going to make its conservation to make this possible by making $100 billion available every year to developing countries for climate protection. this way, we will create confidence. >> she also spoke about migration, saying there is no quick cure for the hundreds of thousands fleeing to europe. >> anyone who witnesses the suffering of those who have fled their homes to seek detection and who knows -- seek protection and knows the challenges of the countries that take the men can see there's only one solution. we must tackle the causes of the migration crisis are yo. >> germany expects to receive 800,000 asylum applications this year.
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sarah: let's cross over to new york where richard walker is standing by. the chancellor made the link between europe's migrant crisis and development. do you think that was convincing? richard: that was very much the centerpiece of angela merkel's speech. it might cause a bit of controversy. let's get into her argument. the refugee crisis has been left out of the sustainable development goals. that has caused some criticism. there are critics saying the plight of refugees needs to be front and center. the u.n. needs to be doing more to tackle that. what angela merkel saying is you can look at this agenda a sustainable develop goals as a plan of action to prevent the refugee crisis of the future. whether it is war or poverty that leads people to flee their homes, her argument goes that if
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-- with sustainable development strategies, you managed to build stable communities, those wars and that poverty are far less likely to be a factor and you are less likely to have these problems down the road. this is partly a message -- there are those in germany who are concerned germany may have bitten off more than it can chew with 800,000 asylum applications this year. some concerned germany is not looking for long-term solutions. i think that is part of angela merkel's message, to say we are focused on the long-term and not just in the domestic sense, but in an international one as well. sarah: let's talk nuts and bolts. what is being proposed? richard: it is interesting. if you compare these sustainable development goals to the millennium goals set 15 years ago, the most striking thing is how many of them there are. there were eight millennium development goals. they focused on the most urgent
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crises. poverty, hunger, infectious diseases, a gender equality, goals like that are the most urgent crises facing the development agenda. now there are 17 goals. 169 subgoals are going into detail in a range of areas. you have trying to build resilient infrastructure, reducing inequality, and a lot more goals targeting the climate change agenda and broader environmental issues. there are critics saying these are simply too many goals. it becomes easier for governments to pick and choose the goals most convenient and easiest to reach for them and easier to ignore the tougher ones when what should be focusing -- happening is focusing on hunger and poverty. supporters say there are two arguments. first of all, these goals have
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193 member states behind them. that is important. the problems of the world are complex. you cannot reduce them down to a handful of indicators. finally, the interesting thing the pope said that everyone can agree on is it is not enough to say solemn commitment. people want to see these goals being implement it. sarah: richard walker in new york, thanks so much. as richard mentioned, earlier in the day, it was pope francis who addressed the human -- the u.n. he urged world leaders to do more to protect the environment. he called on them to protect the vulnerable and eliminate discrimination. here is more. >> pope francis is not one to shy away from politics, not even before the u.n. general assembly. speaking in front of more than 150 world leaders, the pontiff challenged them to protect the environment, by poverty, and eliminate discrimination.
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pope francis: economic and social exclusion is a complete denial of human fraternity and a great offense against human rights and the environment. the poorest suffer most of those offenses. >> he urged the creation of a just world financial system that would reduce poverty, not make it worse. pope francis: the international financial agencies should care for the sustainable development of countries and should ensure they are not subjected to oppressive lending systems. [applause] >> pope francis stressed it was the most powerful needed to act to make the world safer, more
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just, and more humane. he pointed out the united nations has a key role to play in preventing conflict and upholding its values. earlier the leader of the world's 1.2 billion catholics thanked you and -- u.n. employee saying they fight daily for the future of the planet. pope received an ecstatic welcome in new york. >> it was incredible. >> at the ground zero memorial, the 78 euro pontiff joint of the religious leaders to pray for the victims of the september 11 terror attacks, making another call for people to come together to overcome differences. sarah: which is miller will be the next boss of volkswagen. >> the porsche c.e.o. will see
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bw through the storm scandal. companies facing legal action around the globe after cheating on pollution tests. the former c.e.o. stepped down wednesday as a direct consequence of the scandal. we will get analysis on the announcement in a moment. but first, let's look at matthias muller's to do list. >> it won't be an easy start for him. as the new head of volkswagen, the first thing on his agenda will be getting to the bottom of the scandal. wrecks i will do everything -- >> i will do everything to infect the trust of customers, staff, partners, and investors, and the entire public as well. i will act responsibly. now and then, your patience and ours will be put to the test. our main focus should be on being thorough instead of fast. >> he has been working for the
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group for 40 years. he turned porsche into the most profitable carmaker in the world. >> he has a mountain of tasks ahead, but his work is highly appreciated inside the company. under the circumstances, he will certainly be a good fit. >> one of his jobs will be to ease concerns of vw employees following the scandal and get them to look to the future. >> i don't think he is a bad guy. we only hear good things about him. >> responsibility is what greenpeace activists have been calling for. protesters outside volkswagen's headquarters want the german automaker to finally release all the information it has about toxic emissions. >> we know for years, the
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emissions in test scenarios are completely unrealistic. they have nothing to do with the emissions in the real world, so we think this is just the tip of the iceberg. >> the new volkswagen c.e.o. will certainly face some daunting tasks. >> let's get some analysis. joining me with more from our business desk is michelle. is he the right man to steer vw out of the crisis? >> matthias muller proved he is a top manager and a very successful one how he pushed porsche forward. i think a real good, top manager is needed to get volkswagen out of this crisis. he also knows volkswagen very well since he started his career there. he obviously has the support of the supervisory board and also of the workers, as we heard in
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the report. the promises even tougher compliance -- he promises even tougher compliance rules. he wants to make volkswagen stronger. when don't we give him the chance to do the restart volkswagen is waiting for? >> what is next for volkswagen? >> we are still at the early stage in the scandal. while we were waiting for the decision of the supervisory board, we had new information. the transport minister of germany said 2.8 million vehicles in germany are affected . even commercial trucks are equipped with that software, so it looks like that scandal is getting bigger every day. there is much more to come. i do believe more heads will roll. there will be a revamp of management.
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they even spoke about new corporate structures that might come today, so work has just begun. i think the difficult road lies ahead of volkswagen and of the new c.e.o. it will take years until the road will be smooth again for volkswagen. >> briefly, what does the upper about emissions say about testing seizures around the world -- testing procedures around the world? >> i believe they will get much tougher now. >> thank you very much. the shockwaves are spreading wider and gathering strength. now switzerland says it is temporally banning the sale of volkswagen diesel models. the man affects diesel vehicles potentially fitted with the device. the ban could affect up to 180,000 vehicles. it only affects cars not yet sold or registered and not used car sales.
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the vw scandal was in earth in the united states. we go now to our new york financial correspondent for reaction thereto this latest news. what are people in new york saying about the appointment of matisse more to c.e.o. of volkswagen? >> in general, people are happy it did not take long to find a successor, that it was but she is more was widely expected so it did not come as a big surprise. i also heard from many sources saying that you smaller is not a magician and there is a lot to do in the next couple of weeks and months. there's a lot of mistrust, a lot of anger in the united states. people feel cheated. we just heard the environmental protection agency will run tougher tests in the future that
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will probably increase costs, not just for vw but maybe for the entire industry. we also heard volkswagen is pulling the x4 the so. that is probably a good idea. we will see how it plays out the next couple of weeks. >> thank you very much. we will be back with more in just a minute. keep it here on dw. >> every ban and woman knows a child needs food are. >> we had a lot of problems. >> we were eating nothing coming
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from home. >> that could be any one of us. ♪ sarah: welcome back. you are watching "dw news." these are our top stories this hour. german chancellor angela merkel has called for a global partnership to achieve the you in developing goals newly adopted by world leaders. she also pledged to increase germany's development budget. matthias muller is taking on the top job at volkswagen. he will have to clean up the mess left by the worldwide emissions scandal.
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it is the announcement that many soccer fans might never come. after years of accusations about corruption, the man at the head of world soccer is now officially under criminal investigation. swiss authorities said they have opened a probe into sepp blatter 's dealings as president. he is suspected of criminal mismanagement and misappropriation. >> sepp blatter has always have plenty of friends at fifa. could outside the organization, the net is closing in. he's being investigated over a tv rights deal he signed with the caribbean football union in 2005. he is suspected of selling rights well below their market value. he is accused of making what investigators call a disloyal payment of 2 million swiss francs. the recipient of that payment was one of the men tipped to
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replace him as fifa president, of the european football chief. he has also been asked to provide information to authorities. sepp blatter has already announced he will step down as president. 's 17-your rain is due to come to an end in february. the latest allegations threaten to deal another blow to football 's embattled government body. sarah: we are joined by the manager at transparency international. thanks for joining us. how serious are these accusations? >> this is very serious. criminal accusations for the head of world football very serious indeed. i think sepp blatter cannot continue as the president of fifa with this hanging over him. he should go immediately. sarah: your organization has
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released a statement saying fifa itself is not up to the job. what does fifa need to do to regain trust? >> i think the first thing they need to do is appoint an independent reform commission. people don't believe they can do it themselves, perform -- reform, that is an bring in good governance. they need people from the outside to come in and say this is what you need to do and monitor it is being done. it is not just fifa. it is the federations around the world. they need more transparency and better governance. sarah: let's talk about the man who is being considered a favorite to replace blatter. is he cut from the same cloth? is the cause for concern here? >> i think there is cause for concern given he was on the executive committee, which is the highest governing board of fifa, for 15 years and has worked closely with sepp blatter. there is cause for concern, so i
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think they must investigate quickly because at the end of october the candidates for next president have to step forward. sarah: thank you for being on "dw news" today. thousands have marched through the iranian capital to denounce what they called saudi arabia's incompetence in the haj tragedy. they had accused saudi authorities of negligence. more than 7000 pilgrims died on the outskirts of mecca. the saudis have promised a safety review. >> the symbolic stoning of the devil continues near mecca today. it is a central ritual in the haj pilgrimage. many were going to take part in the right in an attempt to drive out evil win thursday's deadly crash occurred. iran has placed the blame
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squarely on saudi authorities. >> it is clear to us mismanagement by the executive authorities in charge of arranging the movement has caused this catastrophic incident. saudi officials must be held accountable. >> saudi arabia has launched a probe to determine the cause. the country had already tried to improve safety by enlarging access ways and pillars at which stones are thrown. >> we cannot make any decisions without knowing the reasons for such incidents. once we find the incidents, we will consider those incidents. we will do everything possible to solve it and make sure it does not repeat itself. >> what is clear, panic broke out with thousands pulling at one another. hundreds were quickly trampled in the chaos. the injured were brought to a
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nearby hospital. it is the most deadly disaster during the haj in 25 years. survivors are left to recount harrowing scenes. >> women were screaming. one woman through her child on top of the tent. people pushed each other trying to jump on tents. it was indescribable. >> as the haj draws towards its close this weekend, many are remembering the dead. have to keep pilgrims say for next year -- how to keep pilgrims safer next year remains a central question. sarah: republican john boehner has announced he will step down as speaker of the house effect of october 30. he made the announcement friday morning when he told a meeting of fellow republicans he wanted to avoid hurting his party. boehner has struggled to maintain control of his caucus, especially the increasingly conservative members. of congress is days away from a
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shutdown with budget talks looming to keep the government open. boehner has been speaker of the house since 2011. staying in the u.s., the chinese president has met with president barack obama at the white house on his first visit to washington as president. the leaders promised to fight climate change but clashed on issues such as human rights and disputed territory in the south china sea. obama also warned xi against cyber spying saying the hacking of u.s. companies must stop. the flow of people through the balkans is straining ties between european neighbors. hungary has proposed creating a land corridor to austria. but vienna is fiercely opposed to that plan. that has not stopped migrants from forcing their way through a new border fence between croatia and hungary. >> he is from syria. when the border to croatia was still closed, the and a group of
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friends interdealer legally through a fence. he said they had to escape or in syria. >> we want to be free. there is more dying, more everything. we don't want that. we just want to be free. >> thousands more have entered croatia from serbia. but not all can continue their journey to northern europe. many, like this man from the rock, are stranded at a united nations camp. >> i want to go only for germany. >> you have family there? >> i have family there. >> in iraq or germany? in iraq and germany. they reached. >> eloped to be rich -- you hope to be rich there? >> the croatian authorities would like to transport them back to hungry. but hungry does not want them
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either. hungary has sealed its border with croatia and directed -- directed a wire fence on the border with slovenia. hungary is sending thousands to the austrian border. its prime minister has proposed opening a quarter to allow -- corridor to allow migrants safe passage. that austria fiercely opposes it -- but austria fiercely opposes it. >> austria does not want a fence at the border with hungary either. austria does not want anything which is not a good position. sooner or later, you have to want something. but there is no corridor system. >> meanwhile, the u.n. warns nearly 8000 refugees from syria and iraq will continue to arrive in europe every day. deep divisions in the e.u. remain over how to handle them,
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making their journeys even longer. sarah: turning to sports news, this weekend, formula one returns to japan, the place where the driver crashed last october in a collision that led to his death. drivers and officials held a minute of silence for him. he suffered major head injuries in the crash and died in july at the age of 25. after the ceremony, heavy rain effectively washed out much of the training session, cutting down on visibility dramatically. neither hit their best form. the rebel pilot -- red bull pilot set the fastest lap. before we go, a reminder of the top stories dw is following. angela merkel has called for a global partnership to achieve the u.n. developing goals newly adopted and world leaders. she also pledged to increase germany's development budget.
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matthias muller is taking the top job at volkswagen. he will have to clean up the mess left by the worldwide emissions scandal. years of corruption allegations have finally caught up with sepp blatter. swiss prosecutors have opened criminal proceedings against the fee for president for mismanagement and misappropriation. that is your "dw news" at this hour. i'm sarah harman in berlin. thanks for watching. see you again in 30 minutes. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> 9:00 p.m. in the french capital. i'm tom bergeron watson. these of the top stories. the was authorities begin proceedings against the fifa as adent sepp blatter probe into the corruption in football. productive -- that is how president obama describes talks with chinese president xi jinping. strictesting thef standards following revelations of cheating


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